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Labyrinth of Possibility on ilmestynyt!


Suomessa toimiva jungilainen analyytikko Giorgio Tricarico on kirjoittanut kiinnostavan kirjan siitä, mikä terapiassa vaikuttaa.

”What exactly happens between the patient and the analyst when therapy is effective? Profoundly unsatisfied by the orthodox but vague explanation that ”the therapeutic factor is the relationship”, the author Giorgio Tricarico explores a hypothesis that is able to comprehend many different methods of both therapy and analysis. Starting from his own clinical experience, Tricarico runs into the image of the classical labyrinth (Daidalon) and a deeper analysis of what this symbol implies, revealing it as a symbol of ”Possibility”. The worldwide presence in different cultures and ages of the labyrinth as such a symbol may indeed point to the existence of an element beyond it, whose activation in the relationship between patient and analyst could be a fundamental factor for psychic change. Different methods of cure, seen through the lenses of the hypothesis expressed, may share a common factor of transformation. With the help of clinical cases, the concept of ”impossibility” in analysis is also explored. Situations in which every change seems to be impossible compel us to widen our concept of possibility and to return to its original meaning, far away from the omnipotent one the Western world blindly keeps repeating.”

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Jung Club käynnistyy maaliskuussa!

Lähes päivälleen 99 vuotta kokoontui ensimmäinen Psychologischer Club Zürichissä Jungin johdolla. Muutaman vuoden kuluttua Club sai tilat Gemeindestraße 27, jossa Club kokoontuu vieläkin. Suomen ensimmäinen Jung Club pidetään Arkadia International Kirjakaupassa 5.3.2015. Ensimmäisen kokoontumisen kieli on englanti ja sen otsikko on Therapeutic factor in analytical practice. Paikalla ovat Lars Ehnberg, Harri Virtanen ja Giorgio Tricarico, jonka juuri ilmestynyt kirja Labyrinth of Possibility on keskustelun pohjana.

Clubin ohjelmassa on aina alustus ja keskustelua!

Muut kevään Clubit ovat:

1.4. Lars Ehberg: Sisäisen prosessin löytäminen

29.4. Harri Virtanen: Parantava luonto – mytologisia näkökulmia terapiaan

27.5. Tuula Grandell: Vahva, haavoittuva ihminen

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Basic course in analytical psychology

Basic course in analytical psychology in Helsinki in February 12-13th, and March 19-20th. Language: English. Registration to 16.1.
Including: central theories and concepts: the association tests, complex, symbol, archetype, fairy tales and myths, the scientific position and foundations, individuation and it’s important archetypes the shadow, persona, anima/animus, self; the psychology of religion, the unconscious and the conscious, working methods.
The course is planned to suit travellers and directed to psychotherapists, psychologists, physicians and social workers. It is regarded to be inspiring, giving a logic overall view of the theories and how they relate to each other. Case and interpretation examples.
€290 +VAT 24%. On request a discount for one academic student and foreigners travelling to the course.
More information from Lars Ehnberg (Dipl. C.G.Jung-institute, Zürich, 1987) or at homepage