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This is the Home Page of the Finland’s Association for Analytical Psychology.
The officially registered names of the association are Suomen Analyyttisen Psykologian Yhdistys (SAPY) in Finnish, and Förening för Analytisk Psykologi i Finland (FAPF) in Swedish.
SAPY’s address is located at c/o Tähdet Oy, Kotkankatu 7, FI-00510 Helsinki, Finland.

All SAPY’s members are Jungian analysts, trained in a Jungian society belonging to the IAAP (International Association for Analytical Psychology), who live and work in Finland.

Current members are:
Ehnberg, Lars                                                                                                                            Practise in Helsinki. Tel. 050 592 8318
Languages spoken: Finnish, Swedish, German, English

Virtanen, Harri                                                                                                                    
Practise in Helsinki. Tel. 050 347 7716
Contacts: ,
Languages spoken: Finnish, English, Swedish

Klaavu, Juha                                                                                                                              Practise in Helsinki. Tel. 044 240 0056 Contacts:  , Languages: Finnish, English

Halme, Liisa                                                                                                                               Practise in Helsinki and Kauniainen  Tel. 040 533 1773 Contacts:  Languages spoken: Finnish, English

Jaakkola, Annika                                                                                                                      Online practise fi/en/de Tel. +358 50 5240 949

The Facebook link, provides information about events and happenings as well. The information is mostly in Finnish.
It’s not necessary to be a registered Facebook user, in order to visit the page.

The Jung Club meets once a month (except during summer, and now during a basic course year), on Wednesdays before full moon, at 18.00 PM. Meetings are hosted at Kotkankatu 7, Helsinki, if not specified differently.
Meetings consist of about one hour presentation, plus half an hour for questions and general discussion.
The topics are presented by different lecturers each time, and are intended for a wider audience of people interested in Analytical Psychology.
The fee for participation is 20 euros.
A smaller fee of 5 euros is applied to students, retired people and unemployed.
Most of the presentations are in Finnish, but questions and comments in English or Swedish are welcomed as well.

The C.G. Jung Society of Finland (Suomen C.G.Jung-Seura  –  C.G.Jung-Sällskapet i Finland) is an unregistered society of around 70 professionals from different fields, who share a deep interest in Analytical Psychology.
The society serves as a direct information channel for Jungian events, through its own mailing list, and sometimes organises an annual gathering.
If you wish to become a member and join the mailing list, you should attend one gathering and send a written application with basic data, address and job to Lars Ehnberg at or Harri Virtanen at
A Jung Club meeting is considered as a valid gathering.

Here is a list of members of the C.G. Jung Society who contribute to this homepage, and use a Jungian approach in their work:

  • Grandell, Tuula, practice in Espoo Leppävaara, tel. 040 505 8178, Languages: Finnish, German, English
  • Söderström, Anne-Charlotte, practice in Helsinki and Tammisaari, tel. 040 726 0273,, Languages: Swedish, English, Finnish
  • Pakkanen, Anna-Maija, practice in Tuusula and Helsinki, tel. 044 522 5964,, Languages: Finnish, English, Swedish,,
  • Wahlbeck, Johanna, practice in Helsingissä (fi/en/sv), tel. 040 410 1270,