Avainsana-arkisto: The labyrinth of possibility

Jung Club 7.12. Giorgio Tricarico: The Betrayal

Reflections on an unavoidable experience

The etymological Latin root of the verb ”to betray” opens up a different perspective on this concept, usually perceived as negative.
In its original meaning, this verb was neutral, and it indicated the passage, the ”going beyond”, from one place to another.

Keeping in mind this original meaning, together with the more common negative connotation, allows us to explore birth, parenthood, growth, relationships, illness and death in a deeper way, through the lenses of betrayal.

Meeting the Shadow as well, can be seen as a betrayal of the Ego and its ideals. Accordingly, our psychological development, what C.G. Jung dubbed ”Individuation process”, appears to be deeply entwined with the experience of being betrayed and of betraying, and with their integration in our life.

The presentation will be in English.

Giorgio Tricarico is a clinical psychologist and Jungian analyst.
He has worked with adult patients since 1998, and has given several lectures and seminars on relevant issues in Analytical Psychology. He is also the author of the book ”The Labyrinth of Possibility: a Therapeutic Factor in Analytical Practice”, (2015, Karnac Books), and of the philosophical novel ” Oltre l’Uomo” (2015, Golem Ed.) published in Italian. Since 2009 he has been living and having his private practice in Helsinki.


Jung Club: Prospective Dreams in Analysis

Seuraavan Jung Clubin alustaa Giorgio Tricarico ja tilaisuus on englanniksi! Jung Club on 25.11. klo 18.00 Kotkankatu 7, Alppilassa, tervetuloa!

The theatre of dreams offers an infinite range of images, stories, symbols and narratives that accomplish different functions. Some dreams might realise conscious and unconscious desires, or compensate the conscious attitude of the dreamer.Other dreams might photograph the interaction of complexes in the inner landscape of the individual, or reveal Shadow aspects that yearn to be acknowledged. Other dreams still repeat traumatic events, or speak about a weak personality structure.

Our meeting will mainly focus on prospective dreams, those that show inklings of possibilities, mentioned by C.G. Jung as ”dreams that reconnoitre”.

Such dreams are often pivotal in the therapeutic journey with a patient, as they appear to show new possibilities of developing in some direction, and might be linked to the constellation of what could be called ”archetype of Possibility” (in this regard see Tricarico G., The Labyrinth of Possibility. A Therapeutic Factor in Analytical Practice, Karnac Books, London, 2014).

Giorgio Tricarico is a clinical psychologist, a Jungian analyst, and a writer of essays and short stories. He is member of the I.A.A.P. (International Association for Analytical Psychology and currently of the DSAP (Danish Society for Analytical Psychology). He has worked with adult patient since 1998, and has given several lectures and seminars on relevant issues in Analytical Psychology, Since 2009 he lives and works in Helsinki, Finland.